Séminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire, B34c (1995), 22pp.

Christine Bessenrodt, J.B. Olsson

Heights of spin characters in characteristic 2

Abstract. Based on our earlier description of the distribution into 2-blocks of the spin characters of the covering groups of symmetric groups we compute the heights of such characters in the blocks containing them. We also give a complete set of labels for the spin characters of minimal height in a 2-block. Another related topic treated here is the determination of the minimal power of 2 dividing a spin character degree and the explicit description of the labels of spin characters with this minimal power of 2 in their degree. Also, an upper bound for the heights of spin characters in 2-blocks is derived, and the labels of spin characters attaining this bound are described.

As an application of our results we show that the 2-blocks of the covering groups of symmetric groups provide further evidence for some important representation theoretical conjectures.

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