Séminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire

Issue 26

3 - 6 March 1991, Thurnau, Franken


[B26a] Harald Fripertinger
Enumeration in Musical Theory (14 pp.)
[B26b] Michael Drmota
Kerne und Grundyfunktionen auf Bäumen (3 pp.)
[B26c] Walter Wenzel
\Delta-matroids and Pfaffian Forms (2 pp.)
[B26d] W. Florek and T. Lulek
Combinatorial Analysis of Magnetic Configurations (12 pp.)
[B26e] B. Lulek
Impurities in the Heisenberg Magnet and the General Recipe of Weyl (7 pp.)
[B26f] T. Lulek and W. Florek
Gauge Symmetries in the Heisenberg Model of a Magnet (5 pp.)
[B26g] J. J. Seidel
Instroduction to Association Schemes (17 pp.)
[B26h] Henning Krause
Endomorphisms of Words in a Quiver