Symmetry, Integrability and Geometry: Methods and Applications (SIGMA)

SIGMA 6 (2010), 041, 27 pages      arXiv:1003.4184
Contribution to the Special Issue “Noncommutative Spaces and Fields”

Strong Field, Noncommutative QED

Anton Ilderton, Joakim Lundin and Mattias Marklund
Department of Physics, Umeå University, 901-87 Umeå, Sweden

Received March 23, 2010, in final form May 17, 2010; Published online May 26, 2010

We review the effects of strong background fields in noncommutative QED. Beginning with the noncommutative Maxwell and Dirac equations, we describe how combined noncommutative and strong field effects modify the propagation of fermions and photons. We extend these studies beyond the case of constant backgrounds by giving a new and revealing interpretation of the photon dispersion relation. Considering scattering in background fields, we then show that the noncommutative photon is primarily responsible for generating deviations from strong field QED results. Finally, we propose a new method for constructing gauge invariant variables in noncommutative QED, and use it to analyse the physics of our null background fields.

Key words: noncommutative QED; background fields.

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