Symmetry, Integrability and Geometry: Methods and Applications (SIGMA)

SIGMA 1 (2005), 009, 7 pages      nlin.SI/0510003

Group Classification of the General Evolution Equation: Local and Quasilocal Symmetries

Renat Zhdanov a and Victor Lahno b
a) Institute of Mathematics, 3 Tereshchenkivs'ka Str., Kyiv 4, 01601 Ukraine
b) State Pedagogical University, 2 Ostrogradskogo Str., Poltava, 36003 Ukraine

Received September 04, 2005, in final form October 19, 2005; Published online October 25, 2005

We give a review of our recent results on group classification of the most general nonlinear evolution equation in one spatial variable. The method applied relies heavily on the results of our paper Acta Appl. Math., 69, 2001, in which we obtain the complete solution of group classification problem for general quasilinear evolution equation.

Key words: group classification; symmetry; second order nonlinear evolution equation.

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