Symmetry, Integrability and Geometry: Methods and Applications (SIGMA)

SIGMA 1 (2005), 002, 4 pages      hep-th/0511262

Multi-Instantons in Higher Dimensions and Superstring Solitons

Eugene K. Loginov
Department of Physics, Ivanovo State University, 39 Ermaka Str., Ivanovo, 153025 Russia

Received June 30, 2005; Published online August 16, 2005

We construct octonionic multi-instantons for the eight and seven dimensional Yang-Mills theory. Extended soliton solutions to the low-energy heterotic field theory equations of motion are constructed from these octonionic multi-instantons. The solitons describe a string in ten-dimensional Minkowski space, and preserve one and two of the sixteen space-time supersymmetries correspondingly.

Key words: multi-instantons; supersymmetric solitons.

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