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    Revista Colombiana de Matemáticas
    Volumen 31 [ 2] ( 1997) Páginas 125-136

    A note on H_3-algebras

    Sergio A Celani
    Universidad Nacional del Centro, Tandil, ARGENTINA

    Abstract. In this note we shall generalize some results of the three-valued Lukasiewicz algebras to three-valued symmetrical Heyting algebras. We prove that a three-valued Heyting algebra with axe is a product of a Boolean algebra by a three-valued symmetrical Heyting symmetric algebra with center. We also introduce the involutive rough sets and we prove a representation theorem for three-valued symmetrical Heyting algebras by means of rough sets.

    Palabras claves. Heyting algebras, De Morgan algebras, rough sets.

    Codigo AMS. 1991 Primary 05C38, 15A15. Secondary 05A15.

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