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Vol. 80(94), pp. 29–46 (2006)

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A. Baltrunas, E. Omey, and S. Van Gulck

Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Vilnius, Lithuania and EHSAL, Stormstraat 2, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

Abstract: A distribution function $F$ on the nonnegative halfline is called subexponential if $\lim_{x\to \infty}(1-F^{*n}(x))/(1-F(x))=n$ for all $n\geq 2$. We obtain new sufficient conditions for subexponential distributions and related classes of distribution functions. Our results are formulated in terms of the hazard rate. We also analyse the rate of convergence in the definition and discuss the asymptotic behaviour of the remainder term $R_n(x)=1-F^{*n}(x)-n(1-F(x))$. We use the results in studying subordinated distributions and we conclude the paper with some multivariate extensions of our results.

Keywords: regular variation, O-regular variation, univariate and multivariate subexponential distributions, hazard rate, subordination

Classification (MSC2000): 60E99; 60G50; 26A12

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