New York Journal of Mathematics
Volume 10 (2004) 271-277


Othman Echi and Riyadh Gargouri

An up-spectral space need not be A-spectral

Published: September 8, 2004
Keywords: Alexandroff space, one-point compactification, sober space, spectral space
Subject: 06B30; 06F30; 54A10; 54F05

An A-spectral space is a space such that its one-point compactification is a spectral space. An up-spectral space is defined to be a topological space X satisfying the axioms of a spectral space with the exception that X is not necessarily compact. This paper deals with the interactions between up-spectral spaces and A-spectral spaces. An example of up-spectral space which is not

Author information

Othman Echi:
Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Sciences of Tunis. University Tunis-El Manar. "Campus Universitaire" 2092 Tunis, TUNISIA

Riyadh Gargouri:
Department of Mathematics, Institute of Multimedia, Route Manzel Chaker Km 1,5, Sfax TUNISIA