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Vol. 31, No. 2, 2001 · Contents

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M. Z. Grulovic, M. S. Kurilic:
The Feferman-Vaught theorem for reduced ideal-products

E. Pap:
Extension of null-additive set functions on algebra of subsets

D. Mihailov, I. Stan:
Quasi-normed operator ideals on Banach spaces and interpolation

K. Surla, V. Vukoslavcevic:
On stability of some difference schemes for parabolic diffusion equations

T. Donchev, R. Ivanov:
Lower semicontinuous differential inclusions with state constrains

C. Pena:
Elements of sequence algebras

Lj. Pavlovic, I. Gutman:
Graphs with extremal connectivity index

M. Nedeljkov:
Infinitely narrow soliton solutions to systems of conservation laws

Lj. Gajic:
On ultrametric space

S. M. Mincic:
Ricci type identities for basic differentiation and curvature tensors in Otsuki spaces

E. Pap:
Applications of decomposable measures on nonlinear difference equations

T. Linß, R. Vulanovic:
Uniform methods for semilinear problems with an attractive boundary turning point

D. S. Djordjevic:
Semi-Browder essential spectra of quasisimilar operators

M. S. Stankovic:
On a special almost geodesic mappings of third type of affine spaces

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