NSJOM Vol 37. No. 1
  In Memoriam: Janez Ušan 1-2
D. A. Romano A note on the quasi-antiorder in a semigroup 3-9
D. Breaz An integral univalent operator of the class $S( p)$ and $T_{2}$ 9-15
H. Orhan On neighborhoods of analytic functions defined by using Hadamard product 17-25
M. Joita A note about full Hilbert modules
over Fréchet locally C* -algebras
X. Ge
J. Shen
G. Ying
Spaces with $\sigma$-weakly hereditarily closure-preserving $sn$-networks 33-37
Ö. Öcalan
Ö. Akin
Oscillation Properties for Advanced Difference Equations 39-47
I. Chajda Algebras with restricted cardinalities of congruence classes 49-51
K. Ilarslan
E. Nešović
On rectifying curves as centrodes and extremal curves
in the Minkowski 3-space
R. Almeida Compact linear operators, a survey 65-74
M. Mirković
D. Surla
XML schema of entry form for students 75-84
M.S.N. Murty
G.S. Kumar
Extension of Liapunov theory to five-point boundary value problems for third order differential equations 85-92
M. Neagu From first order pde-systems to harmonic maps between generalized Lagrange spaces 93-106
E. Aichinger
D. Mašulović
R. Pöschel
Complexity of Mal'cev interpolation 107-114
B. Milosavljević
B. Dimić
XML schema of UNIMARC format variant and bibliographic
record in BISIS software system
D. Seleši Hilbert Space Valued Generalized Random Processes - Part I 129-154
D. Tešendić A database model for library material usage 155-162
M. Stojaković
Z. Stojaković
Integral with respect to fuzzy measure in finite dimensional Banach spaces 163-170

NSJOM Vol 37. No. 2
A. Krapež Some significant results of Janez Ušan 1-10
R. Witula
D. Slota
A remark on growth relation 11-12
N. M. Ralević A generalization of the Pseudo-Laplace transform 13-23
S. Rashmi
V. Kavitha
B. Saba Roohi
B.J. Gireesha
C.S. Bagewadi
Unsteady flow of a dusty fluid between two oscillating plates under varying constant pressure gradient 25-34
H. Mazaheri
R. Kazemi
Some results on 2-inner product spaces 35-40
T. Valanarasu
N. Ramanujam
Asymptotic Numerical Method for singularly perturbed third order ordinary differential equations with a discontinuous source term 41-57
J. Vidaković
M. Racković
Implementation of an XML-based system for content generation and library catalogue cards display 59-72
D. Singh
A. M. Ibrahim
T. Yohanna
J. N. Singh
An overview of the applications of multisets 773-92
D. Seleši Hilbert Space Valued Generalized Random Processes -- Part II 93-108
S. Gala
A. Lahmar-Benbernou
A note on decomposition of the distribution on $BMO$ space 109-122
A. Petojević A note about the sums of products of Bernoulli numbers 123-128
Z. Lozanov-Crvenković
D. Perišić
Hermite expansions of elements of Gelfand-Shilov spaces in quasianalytic and non quasianalytic case 129-147
S. Rešić,
A. B. Antonevich,
Ć . Dolićanin
Convergence of a trajectory of a vector subspace under the action of a linear map: general case 149-159
M. Radovanović
J. Ferlež
D. Mladenić
M. Grobelnik
M. Ivanović
Mining and visualizing scientific publication data from vojvodina 161-180
S. Škrbić
Ž. Bodroški
B. Pupovac
M. Racković
Faculty information system based on open source technologies 181-192
Z. Stanić There are exactly 172 connected Q-integral graphs up to 10 vertices 193-205
M. Stojaković
Z. Stojaković
Fuzzy valued measure based integral 207-220
M. Z. Grulović A word on $n$-infinite forcing 221-229
I. Bošnjak
R. Madarász
Some results on complex algebras of subalgebras 231-240
Dj. Herceg
D. Herceg
Some fourth-order methods for nonlinear equations 241-247
K. Surla
Lj. Tefanov
Z. Uzelac
Spline difference scheme and minimum principle for a
reaction-diffusion problem
D. Rakić Quasiasymptotic in $ {\cal D}^{'}_{L^q} (\mathbb{R}^n) $ 259-267