NSJOM Vol 28. No. 1
Authors Title Pages
J. M. Martínez A semifiasible trust-region model algorithm for minimization with inequality constaint 1-29
M. Trajković, M. Hedley Recursive formulae for picewisepolynomial approximation of discrete functions 31-35
N. Adžić Some nonlinear SPP and spectral approximation 37-46
Z. Stojaković Medial cyclic n-quasigroups 47-54
D. Cvetićanin, R. Obradović A CAGD method for eliptic cross sections of circular parabolic quadrics 55-63
B. Šešelja Poset values varieties 65-73
J. Ušan On congruence classes of n-groups 75-89
O. Hadžić, T. Žikić On Caristi’s fixed point theorem in F-type topological spaces 91-98
E. Pap The Lebesgue decomposition theorem for generalized measures 99-106
R. Kravarušić, M. Mijatović, S. Pilipović  Integrated semigroups of unbounded linear operators – Cauchy problem – Part II 107-122
D. Banković Triangler solutions of Boolean equations 121-131


NSJOM Vol 28. No. 2
Authors Title Pages
S. Park Minimax theorems in convex spaces 1-8
K. Surla The cubic spline difference scheme on non-uniform mesh 9-17
Z. Uzelac
K. Surla
A higher order approximation to a singular perturbation problem 19-31
V. Vukoslavčević
K. Surla
S. Rapajić
Some uniformly convergent schemes on Shishkin mesh 33-42
N. Adžić Monotone iterations for spectral approximation of nonlinear layer problems 43-52
V. Tasić An Analytic interpretation of real dimension subgroups 53-62
B. Šešelja
A. Tepavčević
A note on Boolean lattices of finite posets 63-69
B. Šešelja
A. Tepavčević
 On a completation of posets by fuzzy sets 71-77
V. Lazarević
B. Šešelja
Constructing maximal block-codes by bisemilattice valued fuzzy sets 79-90
J. Ušan Congruences of n-group and of associated Hosszu-Gluskin algebras 91-108
S. Crvenković
I. Dolinka
Undecidable varieties with solvable word problems - III (a semigroup variety) 109-117
W. Junde
E. Pap
D. Xinghua
The locally convex A-spaces and their dual spaces 119-125
R. Doroslovački
O. Marković
 Binary n-words withoutthe subword 1010... 10 127-133
I.Bošnjak A new algorithm for the three counterfeit coins problem 135-142
Z. Stojaković
W. A. Dudek
Generalized Weisner designs and quasigroups 143-153
D. Mašulović Primitive-positive maximal clones 155-162
N. Divljak
M. Racković
Planning of the trajectory for the tip of redundant robotic mechanisms in the presence of obstacles 163-171
Z. Budimac
D. Mašulović
Linda as an abstract data type for concurrent programming 173-186
M. Badjonski
M. Ivanović
Z. Budimac
An approach to agent implementation using Java 187-205


NSJOM Vol 28. No. 3
Authors Title Pages
Adžić Nevena Spectral approximation for inner and outer solution of some SPP 1-9
Fišl Igor
 Konjović Zora
Surla Dušan
 Design and implementation of the query language interpreter for bibliographic data retrievel 11-19
Hadžić Olga On the extence of a maximal element of multivalued mappings in H-space 21-27
Hadžić Olga
Ovcin Zoran
A coincidence point theorem for multivalued mappings in 2-menger spaces 29-39
Herceg Dragoslav
Surla Katarina
Rapajić Sanja
Cubic spline difference scheme on a mesh of Bakhvalov type 41-49
Ilić Snežana
Herceg Đorđe
Safe convergence of Tanabe's method 51-60
Ilić Snežana
Herceg Đorđe
Petković Miodrag
On the convergence og Halley-Like method  61-70
Iričanin Bratislav D.
Mašanović Goran Z.
Gvozdić Dejan M.
 On the analytical and numerical treatment of a class of PDE's with the application to some TWO-valley semicounductor electron devices 71-93
Jovanović Boško S.
Popović Branislav Z.
Interpolation of function spaces and the convergence rate estimates for the finite difference method 95-104
Lazarević Vera
Šešelja Branimir
Tepavčević Andreja
Bisemilattice-valued fuzzy sets 105-114
Mašulović Dragan On the path number of a digraph 115-117
Petković Ljiljana Method of curvature in circular complex arithmetic 119-127
Petković Miodrag
Tričković Slobodan
Herceg Đorđe
Higher order Euler-Like Methods 129-136
Racković Miloš Dividing the polynomial expressions based on the criteria of reducing the number of computational operations 137-143
Stanković Bogoljub Generalized functions and their applications 145-158
Surla Katarina Exponential functions as boundary layer functions 159-176
Todorić Dragana The server specification for information retrieval of bibliographic data 177-186
Tričković Ivana Transformation of the state diagram of the unified modeling language into a petri nets model 187-195
Woźnicki Zbigniew I. Matrix splitting principles 197-209