NSJOM Vol 26. No. 1
Authors Title Pages
Hadžić Olga A theorem on coincidence point for a family of mappings  1-9
Jain R. K.
Sahu H. K.
Fisher Brian
Related fixed point theorems for three metric spaces 11-17
Gajić Ljiljana On approximation of compact multivalued maps in topological vector spaces 19-24
Dvurečenskij Anatolij Remarks on Nikodỳm's boundedness theorem 25-51
Duchoň Miloslav
Riečan Beloslav
 Generalized moment problem in vector lattices 53-61
Pap Endre
Swartz Charles
The adjoint theorem on A-spaces 63-68
Ovesea Horiana An univalence criterion and the Schwarzian derivative 69-76
Đapić Nenad
Pilipović Stevan
Colombeau's generalized functions on a manifold 77-91
Crvenković S.
Delić D.
Different levels of word problems for some varieties 93-102
Martins M. M.
Trigo M. E.
On the convergence of a parallel multisplitting generalized iterative method 103-113
Herceg Dragoslav
Krejić Nataša
Lužanin Zorana
Quasi-newton's method with correction 115-127
Cvetković Ljiljana
Surla Katarina
Spectral analysis in connection with iterative solution of convection-dissusion equation 129-134
Ivanović Mirjana An object-oriented Hypertext shell 135-153
Ilić Snežana
Petković Miodrag S.
Herceg Đorđe
A note on babylonian square-root algorithm and related variants 155-162


NSJOM Vol 26. No. 2
Authors Title Pages
Shariefuddin Pirzada
Merajuddin Pirzada
Score lists of oriented tripartite graphs  1-10
Šešelja Branimir
Tepavčević Andreja
On the collection of lattices determined by the same poset of meet-irreducibles 11-19
Crvenković S.
Dolinka I.
Undecidable varieties with solvable word problems – II 21-30
Jovanović Boško S. On the convergence of a modified block SOR algorithm 31-47
Luković Ivan
Mogin Pavle
Lossless Joins of relational database views 49-73
Lipovan Octavian Some probabilistic generalizations of the submeasure concept 75-86
Pathak H. K.
Cho Y. J.
Chang S. S.
Kang S. M.
Compatible mappings of type (P) and fixed point theorems in metric spaces and probabilisic metric spaces 87-109
Kubiaczyk I.
Mostafa Ali N.
A multivalued fixed point theorems in non-Archimedean vector spaces 111-115
Takači Đurđica
Takači Arpad
On the homogeneous difference equation in the field of Mikusiński operators 117-126
Stojanović Mirjana On the convolution equations over the quarter-plane 127-149
Kurilić Miloš S. The space of functions with a limit at each point 151-159
Marková Andrea
Riečan Beloslav
On the double g-integral 161-171