Abstract. Answers to a reader's query about which living architects show the greatest use of mathematics in their designs, in the Nexus Network Journal.

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Query: What Living Architects use Mathematics in Their Designs?


From: Kim Williams <kwilliams@kimwilliamsbooks.com>

In your opinion, what living architects show the greatest use of mathematics in their designs? Can you cite a building by one or more that shows this? If you could interview these architects, what question or questions would you ask?

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From: Scott Akins <rscottakins@comcast.net>

Pei Cobb Freed & Partners.

From: Harry Wolf <hwolf@wolfarc.com>

See http://www.wolfarc.com for the results of Harry Wolf's use of math

From: Kim Del Rance <kdelran@yahoo.com>

Santiago Calatrava, IM Pei

From: Robert J Krawczyk <krawczyk@iit.edu>

Ben van Berkel's new Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart, it is based on a trefoil, one inside of the other.

From: Mark and Linda Keane <keane@uwm.edu>

In response to the recent query on math in contemporary architecture, I can offer our database to anyone interested. It is in flux and not terribly well organized as it stands as a collector of a digital and snail mail questionaire sent to 500 global firms last Fall who we targeted as part of the legacy of Frank Lloyd Wright. Our goal is to continue the collection of data and analyze the mathematics of each firm in one primary work, thereby exhibiting the design language of Wright into the 21st century.

While it has been difficult to tap into many firms outside of North America in our search, we have targeted 75 firms to date for further investigation. Any suggestions of firms would be well accepted as we look forward to discussion of this question on your site.

From: <ThSzumlic@aol.com>

I.M. Pei

From: Lawrence Kasparowitz <kasparowitz@cruzio.com>

My nomination would be Richard Meier....examine his floor plans carefully....

From Gena Ellis <eve22@drexel.edu>

Keith Reeves of Architects Design Group is a living architect and he would be glad to correspond with you regarding the use of mathematics in his architecture. You can check out their website at http://www.architectsdesigngroup.com.

From Ghisi Grutter <grutter@uniroma3.it>

Ben van Berkel & Caroline Bos (Holland): Moebius House

From: Greg Enger <g.enger@comcast.net>

Spend a little time researching E. Fay Jones work. Unfortunately he passed away last year but was an Engineer as well as Architect. Fantastic tallent!

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