Abstract. Answers to a reader's query about the influence of Frank Lloyd Wright's design language of geometry on generations of future architects in the Nexus Network Journal.

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Query: Who Was Influenced by Wright's Geometry?

Date: Friday, 28 February 2003
From: Mark Keane <Keane@sarup.uwm.edu>
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Department of Architecture

Following Frank Lloyd Wright's influence on twentieth century architecture, one can trace a path from his immediate draftsmen in Oak Park, to the Prairie School in general, to the young European Modernists, to the Taliesin Apprenticeship and FLW School of Architecture. I would like to follow that path of Wright's design language of geometry and its impact on late twentieth and current twenty-first century architectural practice. Can the NNJ readership help in formulating a list of architects who have been influenced by Wright's geometry?

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From: Henry Crapo <Henry.Crapo@ehess.fr>

I suspect that both Herve Baley and Jean-Pierre Campredon would say they were influenced by Wright's work. I know they are both very familiar with his life and work.

Anne Fougerat has is just putting the finishing touches on a French translation (the first such) of Wright's The Natural House.

From: Marco Frascari <mfrascar@vt.edu>

A few followers of FLW's Geometry among the Italians: Carlo Scarpa, Angelo
Masieri, Edoardo Gellner.

From: Mark Goulthorpe <decoi@easynet.fr>

There's an old adage which states that Frank Lloyd Wright was the greatest American architect of the 19th Century ! Whether this in any way offers new perspective on precedents?....

Now Gaudi on the other hand, with his constrained geometric modelling, may well prove to be the most prescient digital architect of the early 21st century... I have indeed just written a short piece on the influence of Gaudi on our current parametric praxis...


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