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Figures for Jay Kappraff's
The Arithmetic of Nicomachus of Gerasa
and its Applications to Systems of Proportion

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Fig. 5. The geometrical construction referred to by Tons Brunés, a Danish engineer and student of ancient geometry, as the Sacred Cut. When the point of a compass is placed at one vertex of a square and an arc is swept out, the edge of the square is cut by a factor of 1/Ö2, the sacred cut. Four sacred cuts mark the vertices of a regular octagon and lead to a subdivision of the square into three species of rectangles: a square of proportion 1:1; a square root rectangle of proportion 1:Ö2; and a rectangle of proportion 1: q, referred to as a Roman rectangle. | top of page | back to text |

The Sacred Cut construction of Tons Brunés


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