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Vol. 70, No. 2, 2018 · Contents

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P. Malik, A. Ghosh and M. Maity:
Strongly $I$ and $I^*$-statistically pre-Cauchy double sequences in probabilistic metric spaces

P.S. Gevorgyan and S.D. Iliadis:
Groups of generalized isotopies and generalized $G$-spaces

M. Moussai and M. Saadi:
Some calculus of the composition of functions in Besov-type spaces

Z. Raei and D. Latifi:
Curvatures of tangent bundle of Finsler manifold with Cheeger-Gromoll metric

R. Kr. Giri, D. Choudhuri and S. Pradhan:
A study on elliptic PDE involving the $p$-harmonic and the $p$-biharmonic operators with steep potential well

M. Guzm\'{a}n-Partida:
A note on some operators acting on central Morrey spaces

M. Jamshidi:
Strong linear preservers of ut-Toeplitz weak majorization on $\mathbb{R}^{n}$

Z. Mitrovi\'{c}, S. Radenovi\'{c}, F. Vetro and J. Vujakovi\'{c}:
Some remarks on TAC-contractive mappings in $b$-metric spaces

R. Soleimani:
A note on $IA$-automorphisms of a finite $p$-group

V. A. Zorich:
Liouville theorem on conformal mappings of domains in multidimensional Euclidean and Pseudoeuclidean spaces

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