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Vol. 69, No. 2, 2017 · Contents

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G. V. R. Babu and T. M. Dula:
Fixed points of generalized TAC-contractive mappings in b-metric spaces

A. Mastromartino and Y. Nogier:
On the contact and co-contact of higher order

Mehdi Alaeiyan and M. K. Hosseinipoor:
Cubic symmetric graphs of order 6p 3

Maryam Salimi:
On relative Gorenstein homological dimensions with respect to a dualizing module

Manoranjan Singha and Koushik Sarkar:
Towards Cantor intersection theorem and Baire category theorem in partial metric spaces

C. Ganesan and R. Roopkumar:
On generalizations of Boehmian space and Hartley transform

Amar Kumar Banerjee and Rahul Mondal:
A note on convergence of double sequences in a topological space

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