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Vol. 68, No. 4, 2016 · Contents

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F. George:
Locally contractive maps on perfect Polish ultrametric spaces

Y. Gündüzalp:
Almost para-Hermitian submersions

E. Tavasoli:
Some homological properties of amalgamation

D. Kumar and H. Chandra:
Antinormal composition operators on l 2 (λ)

R. Daher and S. El Ouadih:
Characterization of (η,γ,k,2)-Dini-Lipschitz functions in terms of their Helgason Fourier transform

H. Afshari:
Topological properties of tripled fixed points set of multifunctions

L. Moslehi and A. Ansari:
Addition formula for complementary error function with associated integral representations

A. Delić, S. Hodžić and B.S. Jovanović:
Difference scheme for an interface problem for subdiffusion equation

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