Matematicki Vesnik

Vol. 67, No. 3, 2015 · Contents

M. Berkani, H. Zariouh:
B-Fredholm spectra and Riesz perturbations

N. T. Chung, G. A. Afrouzi:
Existence of positive solutions for a class of nonlocal elliptic systems with multiple parameters

R. Thangamariappan, V. Renukadevi:
Topology generated by cluster systems

S. Bulut:
Faber polynomial coefficient estimates for a subclass of analytic bi-univalent functions defined by Salagean differential operator

R. G. Ghumde, S. H. Ghate:
$IA$-automorphisms of $p$-groups, finite polycyclic groups and other results

N. Zamani, Z. Rezaei, J. A'zami:
Fuzzy representable modules and fuzzy attached primes

A. K. Banerjee, A. Banerjee:
A note on $I$-convergence and $I^{\star}$-convergence of sequences and nets in topological spaces

M. K. Dubey, P. Sarohe:
On $(n-1,n)$-$\phi$-prime ideals in semirings

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