Matematicki Vesnik

Vol. 63, No. 1, 2011 · Contents

P. Riyas, K. T. Ravindran:
2-nsr lemma and quotient space in 2-normed space

R. K. Bose, M. K. Roychowdhury:
Fixed point theorems for some generalized contractive multi-valued mappings and fuzzy mappings

V. Gupta, N. Deo:
A note on rate of approximation for certain Bezier-Durrmeyer operators

E. Wolf:
Weighted composition operators on weighted Bergman spaces of infinite order with the closed range property

Yan-Kui Song:
A note on star compact spaces with a $G_{\delta}$-diagonal

M.A. Pathan, B.B. Jaimini, S. Gautam:
Certain classes of multiple generating functions for some sets of polynomials in several variables

M. Darus, R. W. Ibrahim:
Radius estimates of a subclass of univalent functions

F. Dirik, K. Demirci:
Szasz-Mirakjan type operators of two variables providing a better estimation on $[0,1]\times[0,1]$

S. K. Khattri, S. Abbasbandy:
Optimal fourth order family of iterative methods

B. A. Frasin:
Coefficient inequalities for certain classes of analytic functions of complex order

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