Technical Guidelines


The Living Reviews technical guidelines


View guidelines in PDF or HTML.

In the technical guidelines you will find information on how to include

  • Equations
  • Tables
  • Verbatim files (e.g. source code)
  • Images
  • Movies
  • Lists
  • Cross references

First steps – new review article

You should compose your article in LaTeX, using the Living Reviews style file epubtk.sty (this is included in the LaTeX template). The Living Reviews LaTeX template describes the article skeleton, i.e. the essential parts each review article should contain. You should use its LaTeX source as a template to start your own article from. If you have never used LaTeX before, please, contact the managing editor at editorlr<at> Preferably submit your references in BibTeX format.

For details on formatting references, see “Citation guidelines”.

Downloading the LaTeX template and the style files

Please, download the LaTeX Living Reviews style files:


  • a LaTeX template including style files

First steps – article update

  • You need your latest edited source files to start work from. If you haven’t received them yet, ask the editorial office at editorlr<at> to send them to you.
  • How to mark an update in your LaTeX source, see chapter 10 of the technical guidelines.
  • What kind of an update it is, whether a ‘fast-track’ revision or a major update can be decided at a later stage.

See also, “What the word ‘living’ stands for”.

Adding keywords

Please, provide a few keywords for your article and list them underneath the abstract:


\epubtkKeywords{Gravitational waves, Gravitational wave sources,
 Gravitational wave detectors, Data analysis}

Giving your article wider visibility – arXiv and ADS

We encourage you to post your article prior to publication on arXiv with a comment that it will be published in Living Reviews in Relativity.

We announce all publications on hyperspace@aei and make the article’s metadata accessible via ADS and DOAJ as soon as possible.

See also “Additional LRR services”.