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Experimental Foundations of Gravitation
(Subject Editor: Clifford Will)

  • Experiments in Gravitation with Highly Stable Clocks
  • Laboratory Measurements of Newtons's Constant, G
  • Tests of Gravity at Short Range

Gravitational Waves
(Subject Editor: Bala R. Iyer)

  • Advanced Technologies for Space Gravitational Wave Detectors
  • Effective One Body Formalism
  • Gravitational Wave Sources: Binaries (High and Low Frequency)
  • Gravitational Waves from Extreme Mass Ratio Inspiral (EMRI)
  • Gravitational Waves from Ultra-compact Binaries
  • Interface Between Gravitational Waves and Astronomy
  • Pulsar Timing and Low Frequency Gravitational Wave Detection
  • Rates for Binary Coalescences
  • Stellar Dynamics and Extreme Mass Ratio Inspirals
  • Stochastic GW Background Detection Methods
  • Terrestrial Gravity Fluctuations
  • The ADM canonical approach to the post-Newtonian motion of compact binaries
  • The Square-Kilometre-Array (SKA)

History of Relativity
(Subject Editor: Jürgen Renn)

  • History of Gravitational Wave Research

Mathematical Relativity
(Subject Editor: Robert Beig)

  • Area Angular Momentum Charge Inequality
  • Cosmic Censorship (toolbox)
  • Exact Solutions
  • Integrable Reductions of the Einstein Equations
  • Newtonian Limit
  • The Constraint Problem for Einstein's Equations

Numerical Relativity
(Subject Editor: Jorge Pullin)

  • Algebraic Computing in General Relativity
  • Formulations of Einstein's Equations for Numerical Relativity
  • Interface of Post-Newtonian Theories and Numerical Relativity
  • Numerical Relativity for Black Holes
  • Numerical Simulations of Core-Collapse Supernovae
  • Reduced Order Modeling
  • Strong-Field Dynamics of Astrophysical Black Hole Mergers

Physical Cosmology
(Subject Editor: Joachim Wambsganss)

  • Cosmic Evolution of Super Massive Black Holes in Galactic Centers (the X-Ray view)
  • The Impact of Galaxy Mergers on the Growth of Supermassive Black Holes

Quantum General Relativity
(Subject Editor: Renate Loll)

  • Causal Sets

Relativity in Astrophysics
(Subject Editor: Bernard F. Schutz)

  • Electromagnetic Counterparts to Supermassive Black Hole Mergers
  • Masses of known neutron stars
  • Massive Black Holes in Galaxies
  • Microquasars
  • Testing General Relativity with the Event Horizon Telescope
  • The Magnetic Fields of Neutron Stars

String Theory and Gravitation
(Subject Editor: Mukund Rangamani)

  • Asymptotic Charges and Symmetries
  • Black Holes, Hidden Symmetry and Complete Integrability
  • Solitonic Solutions of Supergravity



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