List of Tables

Table 1:
Time delays, with 1-σ errors, from the literature. In some cases multiple delays have been measured in 4-image lens systems, and in this case each delay is given separately for the two components in brackets. An additional time delay for CLASS B1422+231 [151] probably requires verification, and a published time delay for Q0142–100 [120, 146] has large errors. Time delays for the CLASS and PKS objects have been obtained using radio interferometers, and the remainder using optical telescopes.
Table 2:
Some recent measurements of H0 using the S-Z effect. Model types are β for the assumption of a β-model and H for a hydrostatic equilibrium model. Some of the studies target the same clusters, with three objects being common to more than one of the four smaller studies, The larger study [22] contains four of the objects from [104] and two from [190].