"The Confrontation between General Relativity and Experiment"
Clifford M. Will 

List of Tables

Table 1:
Bounds on cosmological variation of fundamental constants of non-gravitational physics. For an in-depth review, see [397].
Table 2:
The PPN Parameters and their significance (note that α3 has been shown twice to indicate that it is a measure of two effects).
Table 3:
Metric theories and their PPN parameter values (α3 = ζi = 0 for all cases). The parameters γ′, β ′, α′ 1, and α ′ 2 denote complicated functions of the arbitrary constants and matching parameters.
Table 4:
Current limits on the PPN parameters.
Table 5:
Constancy of the gravitational constant. For binary-pulsar data, the bounds are dependent upon the theory of gravity in the strong-field regime and on neutron star equation of state. Big-Bang nucleosynthesis bounds assume specific form for time dependence of G.
Table 6:
Parameters used in the equations of motion.
Table 7:
Parameters of the binary pulsar B1913+16. The numbers in parentheses denote errors in the last digit. Data taken from [409]. Note that γ ′ is not the same as the PPN parameter γ [see Eqs. (108*)].
Table 8:
Parameters of other binary pulsars. References may be found in the text. Values for orbit period derivatives include corrections for galactic kinematic effects