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doi: 10.12942/lrr-2004-9
Living Rev. Relativity 7 (2004), 9

Gravitational Lensing from a Spacetime Perspective

1 Physics Department, Lancaster University, Lancaster, LA1 4YB, U.K.

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The theory of gravitational lensing is reviewed from a spacetime perspective, without quasi-Newtonian approximations. More precisely, the review covers all aspects of gravitational lensing where light propagation is described in terms of lightlike geodesics of a metric of Lorentzian signature. It includes the basic equations and the relevant techniques for calculating the position, the shape, and the brightness of images in an arbitrary general-relativistic spacetime. It also includes general theorems on the classification of caustics, on criteria for multiple imaging, and on the possible number of images. The general results are illustrated with examples of spacetimes where the lensing features can be explicitly calculated, including the Schwarzschild spacetime, the Kerr spacetime, the spacetime of a straight string, plane gravitational waves, and others.

Keywords: gravitational lenses, differential geometry

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Title Gravitational Lensing from a Spacetime Perspective
Author Volker Perlick
Date accepted 8 July 2004, published 17 September 2004
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