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doi: 10.12942/lrr-2002-1
Living Rev. Relativity 5 (2002), 1

Numerical Approaches to Spacetime Singularities

1 Physics Department, Oakland University, Rochester, MI 48309, U.S.A. and Physics Division, National Science Foundation, 4201 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, VA 22230 U.S.A.

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Article Abstract

This Living Review updates a previous version which is itself an update of a review article. Numerical exploration of the properties of singularities could, in principle, yield detailed understanding of their nature in physically realistic cases. Examples of numerical investigations into the formation of naked singularities, critical behavior in collapse, passage through the Cauchy horizon, chaos of the Mixmaster singularity, and singularities in spatially inhomogeneous cosmologies are discussed.

Keywords: singularities, numerical relativity

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Article History

ORIGINAL http://www.livingreviews.org/lrr-1998-7
Title Numerical Approaches to Spacetime Singularities
Author Beverly K. Berger
Date accepted 3 May 1998, published 8 May 1998
UPDATE http://www.livingreviews.org/lrr-2002-1
Title Numerical Approaches to Spacetime Singularities
Author Beverly K. Berger
Date accepted 17 December 2001, published 14 January 2002
Changes Approximately 60 new references have been included. All topics in the original review have been updated. The section on inhomogeneous cosmologies has been rewritten to the greatest extent.
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