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doi: 10.12942/lrr-2000-5
Living Rev. Relativity 3 (2000), 5

Initial Data for Numerical Relativity

1 Department of Physics, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27109-7507, U.S.A.

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Initial data are the starting point for any numerical simulation. In the case of numerical relativity, Einstein's equations constrain our choices of these initial data. We will examine several of the formalisms used for specifying Cauchy initial data in the 3+1 decomposition of Einstein's equations. We will then explore how these formalisms have been used in constructing initial data for spacetimes containing black holes and neutron stars. In the topics discussed, emphasis is placed on those issues that are important for obtaining astrophysically realistic initial data for compact binary coalescence.

Keywords: Constraint equations, ADM formalism, Binary systems, Neutron stars, Numerical relativity, Black holes, Initial value problem

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ORIGINAL http://www.livingreviews.org/lrr-2000-5
Title Initial Data for Numerical Relativity
Author Gregory B. Cook
Date accepted 26 October 2000, published 14 November 2000
Date accepted , published 15 December 2001
Changes Section 2.2: correction on longitudinal operator in Equation (25).
Section 2.3: corrected sign error in grad(K) term in Equation (50),
corrected sign error in grad(K) term and added missing index on divergence in Equation (51).
Bibliography: updated publication information for references 47 and 74. For detailed description see here .
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