Journal History

The idea for a 'living' review journal was conceived by Bernard F. Schutz in 1994. For helping to develop this idea two years later into a deliberate concept and creating a design for an actual publication that went online on 26 January 1998, Living Reviews in Relativity is indebted to its first Managing Editor, External LinkJennifer Wheary .

External LinkTheresa Velden , second ME of the journal from 1998 to 2001, refined and standardized the editorial workflow. Thanks to her promotional commitment, Living Reviews in Relativity has been established among the scientific community as a primary resource for high-quality reviews in relativity. Moreover, the editorial concept of the journal attracted attention within the Electronic Publishing community.

From 2001 to 2010, Christina Weyher led the project as Managing Editor of the BackOffice and later Project Manager at the MPDL. During these years, Living Reviews was expanded to a successful journal family in collaboration with other Max Planck institutes and external partners.

Web Interface

The journal's original web interface had been designed by Lee Wild, Jennifer Wheary, and Christina Weyher. The Living Reviews in Relativity logo was commissioned from stills, UK.

In 2001, the internal web-based documentation and information pages have been revised and graphically improved by Living Reviews in Relativity's interns Rachel Clements and Denis Vogt.

Frank Schulz and External LinkBeatrice Anghelache launched a new web design for Living Reviews in Relativity in December 2002, improving the site's maintainance and usabilty. The currentjournal interface is based on Ruthsarian Layouts.

Software Development

Technical advise in the early phase of the journal's creation was given by Steve Brandt and Paul Walker.

Essential in offering a journal like Living Reviews in Relativity for free on the web is a highly automated software package for processing articles and publishing them online. The first, highly functional fleet of Living Reviews scripts was developed by Lee Wild in 1997 and 1998.

Support and guidance in the maintenance and further development of the journal software provided by Gabrielle Allen and Tom Goodale between 1998 and 2000 has been greatly appreciated.

From 1999 to 2000, Andreas Wilde, diploma student of the FH Brandenburg, programmed the editorial database for his diploma project in close interaction with the editorial team.

Until 2003, External LinkIan Kelley supported the team with his technical advice and programming skills.

External LinkRomeo Anghelache was affiliated with Living Reviews in Relativity from 2002 to 2005 in the EU funded MoWGLI project and contributed also to the journal's software development.

Robert Forkel started to develop a whole new software suite for the Living Reviews publication process in 2003. The ePublishing Toolkit includes article conversion tools, a bibliographic database, a web site builder, and a web based editorial information management system (EIMS). The conceptual design for EIMS was primarily developed by Vera Osswald and Robert Forkel.

Software maintenance, further development, and server administration have been done jointly by External LinkAndré Wobst (since 2005) and Robert Forkel until 2010.

External LinkDieter Schmitt was essential in adapting LaTeX and BibTeX styles for the new journals of the Living Reviews family.




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