Lobachevskii Journal of Mathematics

Volume IV


Nobutada Nakanishi
Survey of Nambu-Poisson Geometry

Hideki Omori
Introduction to noncommutative differential geometry

A.L. Onishchik
On the classification of complex analytic supermanifolds

Yusuke Sakane
Homogeneous Einstein metrics on flag manifolds

Hajime Sato
Schwarzian derivatives of contact diffeomorphisms

Akira Mizuhara and Hirohiko Shima
Invariant projectively flat connections and its applications

Oleg P. Tchij
Contact geometry of hyperbolic Monge--Amp\`ere equations

Dmitry V. Tunitsky
On contact equivalence of holomorphic Monge-Amp\'ere equations

Akira Yoshioka
Weyl manifold and Quantized connection

On formal series and infinite products over algebras

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