Journal of Lie Theory

ISSN 0949-5932 · Volume 8 (1998), No. 1 · Electronic Edition


H. Helling, A. C. Kim, J. L. Mennicke:
A geometric study of Fibonacci groups

A. Baklouti:
Nouvelle désintégration lisse de L$^2$(G) pour les groupes résolubles exponentiels

A. Mednykh, A. Vesnin:
Visualization of the isometry group action on the Fomenko--Matveev--Weeks manifold

J. Ryan:
Dirac operators, conformal transformations and aspects of classical harmonic analysis

B. Priwitzer, H. Salzmann:
Large automorphism groups of 16-dimensional planes are Lie groups

M. E. B. Bekka, P.-A. Cherix, P. Jolissaint:
Kazhdan constants associated with Laplacian on connected Lie groups

L.A.B. San Martin:
Homogeneous spaces admitting transitive semigroups

A. Schmucker, G. Czichowski:
Symmetric algebras and normal forms of third order ordinary differential equations

C. Birkenhake:
Complex Structures contained in classical groups

A. Khaoua:
Irreductibilité de certaines representations non unitaires dans des espaces de distributions propres

A. G. Robertson:
Crofton formulae and geodesic distance in hyperbolic spaces

M. Benayed:
Extensions abéliennes des bigèbres de Lie

S. Boekholt:
Compact Lie groups with isomorphic homotopy groups

T. H. Koornwinder, N. M. Muller:
Erratum to The quantum double of a (locally) compact group