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Vol. 12, No. 2, 2002 · Contents

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Paulo Tirao:
On the homology of free nilpotent Lie algebras

Maxime Gouleau:
Algèbre de Lie nilpotente graduée de rang 3 et inverse d'un opérateur différentiel

Jean-François Hämmerli:
The outer automorphism group of normalizers of maximal tori in connected compact Lie groups

Yu. Bahturin and V. M. Petrogradsky:
Polynomial Identities in Smash Products

Roberta Basili:
Resolutions of Singularities of Varieties of Lie Algebras of Dimension 3 and 4

Bernhard Krötz and Michael Otto:
Vanishing properties of analytically continued matrix coefficients

Thomas W. Judson:
Complete Filtered Lie Algebras over a Vector Space of Dimension Two

A. N. Starkov:
Vanishing of the first cohomologies for lattices in Lie groups

E. Tevelev:
Moore--Penrose Inverse, Parabolic Subgroups, and Jordan Pairs

Min Ho Lee:
Casimir operators on pseudodifferential operators of several variables

Nazih Nahlus:
On Observable Subgroups of Complex Analytic Groups and Algebraic Structures on Analytic Homogenous Spaces

Jan A. Sanders and Jing Ping Wang:
On a family of operators and their Lie algebras

Saeid Azam:
Extended Affine Root Systems

Ela Aydin and Naime Ekici:
On Generators of Free Color Lie Superalgebras of Rank Two

Jorge Galindo, Pierre de la Harpe, and Thierry Vust:
Two observations on irreducible representations of groups

Matthias Franz:
Moment polytopes of projective {\bf G}-varieties and tensor products of symmetric group representations

Gabor Toth:
Moduli for Spherical Maps and Minimal Immersions of Homogeneous Spaces

Friedrich Knop:
Convexity of Hamiltonian manifolds

R. Kurdiani and T. Pirashvili:
A Leibniz algebra structure on the second tensor power

Charles Torossian:
Sur la conjecture combinatoire de Kashiwara-Vergne

Andrew R. Sinton and Joseph A. Wolf:
Remark on the Complexified Iwasawa Decomposition

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