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Vol. 12, No. 2, pp. 357--368 (2002)

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The outer automorphism group of normalizers of maximal tori in connected compact Lie groups

Jean-François Hämmerli

Jean-François Hämmerli
Department of Mathematics
Faculty of Science
Okayama University
3-1 Tsushima-naka
JP-700-8530 Okayama

Abstract: Let $G$ be a connected compact Lie group, $T$ a maximal torus of $G$, $N = N_G(T)$ its normalizer and $W = N/T$ the Weyl group of $G$. We show that the outer automorphism group of $N$ canonically decomposes as a semidirect product, where the normal subgroup is given by the cohomology group $H^1(W;T)$

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