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  Shoshana Abramovich    
    Editor and Author  
    Email: abramos@math.haifa.ac.il  
    Telephone: (+972) 4 824 0166  
    Fax: (+972)4 824 0024  

Department of Mathematics
University of Haifa, Haifa

    Research Areas : Inequalities: 26DXX, 26A51, 26B25, 39B62  
Other :  
    Articles: Inequalities for Averages of Convex and Superquadratic Functions   Volume 5, Issue 4
    A Variant of Jensen-Steffensen's Inequality for Convex and Superquadratic Functions   Volume 7, Issue 2
    Superquadracity of Functions and Rearrangements of Sets   Volume 8, Issue 2
    A Variant of Jessen's Inequality of Mercer's Type for Superquadratic Functions   Volume 9, Issue 3

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