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  John Michael Rassias    
    Editor and Author  
    Email: jrassias@primedu.uoa.gr  
    URL: http://www.primedu.uoa.gr/~jrassias/  

Pedagogical Department, E. E.,
National and Capodistrian University of Athens,
Section of Mathematics and Informatics,
4, Agamemnonos Str., Aghia Paraskevi,
Athens 15342,

    Research Areas :
  • Mixed Type Partial Differential Equations (Tricomi's boundary value problem)
  • Functional Equations and Inequalities (Hyers-Ulam stability problem,Asymptotic Analysis)
  • Operator Theory (Landau-Kolmogorov's interpolation inequalities)
  • Fourier Analysis (Heisenberg-Weyl's inequality)
  • Approximation Theory-Geometry of Spaces (Jordan-von Neumann problem)
  • Special Functions (Gamma function and Gauss function)
  • Inequalities on Means and Moments
  • Stochastic Differential Equations of Population Dynamics (Lotka-Volterra model)
Other : Prefers to receive papers as PDF files.  
    Articles: On the Heisenberg-Pauli-Weyl Inequality   Volume 5, Issue 1
    The Ulam Stability Problem In Approximation Of Approximately Quadratic Mappings By Quadratic Mappings   Volume 5, Issue 3
    On the Heisenberg-Weyl Inequality   Volume 6, Issue 1
    On the Refined Heisenberg-Weyl Type Inequality   Volume 6, Issue 2
    On The Sharpened Heisenberg-Weyl Inequality   Volume 7, Issue 3
    Extended Stability Problem for Alternative Cauchy-Jensen Mappings   Volume 8, Issue 4
    Superstability for Generalized Module Left Derivations and Generalized Module Derivations on a Banach Module (II)   Volume 10, Issue 3
    Stability of a Generalized Mixed Type Additive, Quadratic, Cubic and Quartic Functional Equation   Volume 10, Issue 4

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