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  Om P. Ahuja    
    Email: ahuja@geauga.kent.edu  

Department of Mathematics
Kent State University
Burton, Ohio 44021-9500

    Research Areas :  
Other :  
    Articles: Inequalities Associating Hypergeometric Functions With Planer Harmonic Mappings   Volume 5, Issue 4
    Planar Harmonic Univalent and Related Mappings   Volume 6, Issue 4
    ERRATA: Inequalities Associating Hypergeometric Functions with Planer Harmonic Mappings   Volume 7, Issue 4
    Inequalities Involving Multipliers For Multivalent Harmonic Functions   Volume 7, Issue 5
    Integral Means For Uniformly Convex and Starlike Functions Associated With Generalized Hypergeometric Functions   Volume 8, Issue 4

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