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  Laurentiu Panaitopol    
    Email: pan@al.math.unibuc.ro  

Faculty of Mathematics,
University of Bucharest,
14 Academiei St.,
RO-70109 Bucharest

    Research Areas :  
Other :  
    Articles: Inequalities on Polynomial Heights   Volume 2, Issue 1
    Consequences of a Theorem of Erdös-Prachar   Volume 2, Issue 3
    Some Properties of the Series of Composed Numbers   Volume 2, Issue 3
    On the Sequence $(p_n^2-p_{n-1}p_{n+1})_{n\ge 2}$   Volume 3, Issue 4
    Erdős-Turán Type Inequalities   Volume 4, Issue 1
    New Inequalities on Polynomial Divisors   Volume 5, Issue 4
    Properties of Some Functions Connected to Prime Numbers   Volume 9, Issue 1
    Properties of Non Powerful Numbers   Volume 9, Issue 1

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