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  Olivier Bordellès    
    Email: borde43@wanadoo.fr  

22, rue Jean Barthèlemy,
43000 LE PUY-en-VELAY,

    Research Areas :  
Other :  
    Articles: Explicit Upper Bounds for the Average Order of $d_n$ and Applications to Class Number   Volume 3, Issue 3
    On Short Sums of Certain Multiplicative Functions   Volume 3, Issue 5
    Corrigendum to "On Short Sums of Certain Multiplicative Functions"   Volume 5, Issue 3
    An Explicit Mertens' Type Inequality for Arithmetic Progressions   Volume 6, Issue 3
    An Inequality for the Class Number   Volume 7, Issue 3
    A Matrix Inequality for Möbius Functions   Volume 10, Issue 3

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