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  M. Urciuolo    
    Email: urciuolo@mate.uncor.edu  

Facultad de Matematica, Astronomia y Fisica-CIEM,
Universidad Nacional de Cordoba,
Ciudad Universitaria,
5000 Cordoba,

    Research Areas :  
Other :  
    Articles: $L^p-$Improving Properties for Measures on $\mathbb{R}^{4}$ Supported on Homogeneous Surfaces in Some Non Elliptic Cases   Volume 2, Issue 3
    Convolution Operators with Homogeneous Singular Measures on $R^{3}$ of Polynomial Type. The Remainder Case.   Volume 7, Issue 3
    Fourier Restriction Estimates to Mixed Homogeneous Surfaces   Volume 10, Issue 2

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