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  91. Turán Inequalities and Subtraction-free Expressions David A. Cardon, Adam Rich,
  92. Multiplicative Principal-Minor Inequalities for A Class of Oscillatory Matrices Xiao Ping Liu, Shaun M. Fallat,
  93. Sharp Norm Inequality for Bounded Submartingales and Stochastic Integrals Adam Osekowski,
  94. A Non Local Quantitative Characterization of ellipses Leading to a Solvable Differential Relation M. Amar, L.R. Berrone, R. Gianni,
  95. Littlewood-Paley Decomposition Associated with the Dunkl Operators and Paraproduct Operators Hatem Mejjaoli,
  96. Hadamard Type Inequalities for $m$-Convex and $(\alpha,m)$-Convex Functions M. Klaricic Bakula, M. E. Özdemir, Josip E. Pecaric,
  97. Inequalities for 3-log-convex Functions Donghui Chen, Kenneth S. Berenhaut,
  98. An Integral Inequality for 3-Convex Functions Vlad Ciobotariu-Boer,
  99. Negative Results Concerning Fourier Series on the Complete Product of $\mathcal{S}_3$ R. Toledo,
  100. An Elementary Proof of Blundon's Inequality Gabriel Dospinescu, Mircea Lascu, Cosmin Pohoata, Marian Tetiva,
  101. Atomic Decompositions for Weak Hardy Spaces w${\mathcal{Q}}_p$ and w${\mathcal{D}}_p$ Yanbo Ren, Dewu Yang,
  102. Subordination Theorem for a Family of Analytic Functions Associated With the Convolution Structure J. K. Prajapat,
  103. $L_p$ Inequalities for the Polar Derivative of a Polynomial Nisar A. Rather,
  104. A Multinomial Extension of an Inequality of Haber Hacčne Belbachir,
  105. On a Generalization of the Hermite-Hadamard Inequality II Matloob Anwar, Josip E. Pecaric,
  106. On Some $q$-Integral Inequalities Kamel Brahim,
  107. A Note on the Modulus of $U$-Convexity and Modulus of $W^*$-Convexity Zhanfei Zuo, Yunan Cui,
  108. Further Development of an Open Problem Yu Miao, Junfen Li,
  109. The Counterpart of Fan's Inequality and Its Related Results Wan-Lan Wang,
  110. Two-dimensional Sunouchi Operator with respect to Vilenkin-like Systems Chuanzhou Zhang, Xueying Zhang,
  111. $\lambda$-Central BMO Estimates for Commutators of $N$-Dimensional Hardy Operators Zun-Wei Fu,
  112. Generalized Ostrowski's Inequality on Time Scales Basak Karpuz, Umut Mutlu Ozkan,
  113. Three Mappings Related to Chebyshev-type Inequalities Liang-Cheng Wang, Li-Hong Liu, Xiu-Fen Ma,
  114. Coefficient Inequalities For Certain Meromorphically $p$-valent Functions A. Ebadian, Sh. Najafzadeh,
  115. Some Properties for an Integral Operator Defined by Al-Oboudi Differential Operator Serap Bulut,
  116. On a Certain Volterra-Fredholm Type Integral Equation Baburao G. Pachpatte,
  117. An Extension of Ozaki and Nunokawa's Univalence Criterion Horiana Tudor,
  118. Multiplication of Subharmonic Functions Raphaele Supper,
  119. Inequalities for the Polar Derivative of a Polynomial K. K. Dewan, C.M. Upadhye,
  120. Cauchy's Means of Levinson Type Matloob Anwar, Josip E. Pecaric,
  121. ERRATA: Coefficient inequalities for certain classes of Ruscheweyh type analytic functions S. Latha,

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