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  61. Monotonicity of Ratios Involving Incomplete Gamma Functions with Actuarial Applications Edward Furman, Ricardas Zitikis,
  62. A Variant of Jessen's Inequality of Mercer's Type for Superquadratic Functions Shoshana Abramovich, J. Baric, Josip E. Pecaric,
  63. Hermite-Hadamard-type Inequalities for Generalized Convex Functions Mihály Bessenyei,
  64. Bounds for some Perturbed Čebyšev Functionals Sever S. Dragomir,
  65. Mixed Arithmetic and Geometric Means and Related Inequalities Takashi Ito,
  66. A Local Minimum Energy Condition of Hexagonal Circle Packing Kanya Ishizaka,
  67. An Extension of the Erdös-Debrunner Inequality to General Power Means Vania Mascioni,
  68. Poincaré Type Inequalities for Variable Exponents Fumi-Yuki Maeda,
  69. On Integrability of Functions Defined by Trigonometric Series Laszlo Leindler,
  70. Notes on Certain Subclass of $p$-Valently Bazilevič Functions Zhi-Gang Wang, Yue-Ping Jiang,
  71. New Bounds for The Identric Mean of Two Arguments Omran Kouba,
  72. Hardy-Type Inequalities On The Real Line Mohamad S. Sababheh,
  73. On a Generalization of Lipschitz's Classes Xh. Z. Krasniqi,
  74. Inequalities of Jensen-Pečaric-Svrtan-Fan Type Chaobang Gao, Jiajin Wen,
  75. On an Open Problem Posed in the Paper "Inequalities Of Power-Exponential Functions" Ladislav Matejíčka,
  76. Ratio Vectors of Polynomial-Like Functions Alan Horwitz,
  77. Refining Some Inequalities Rica Zamfir,
  78. The Arithmetic-Algebraic Mean Inequality via Symmetric Means Oscar G. Villareal,
  79. Optimal Inequalities Characterising Quasi-umbilical Submanifolds Simona Decu, Stefan Haesen, Leopold Verstraelen,
  80. Inequalities on the Variances of Convex Functions of Random Variables Chuen-Teck See, Jeremy Chen,
  81. On Starlikeness and Convexity of Analytic Functions Satisfying a Differential Inequality Sukhwinder Singh, Sushma Gupta, Sukhjit Singh,
  82. Explicit Bounds on Some Nonlinear Retarded Integral Inequalities Man-chun Tan, Zhi-Hong Li,
  83. On Equivalence of Coefficient Conditions. II Laszlo Leindler,
  84. An Application of the Generalized Maligranda-Orlicz's Lemma René Erlín Castillo, Eduard Trousselot,
  85. Generalized Newton-Like Inequalities Jianhong Xu,
  86. Proof For A Conjecture On General Means Phan Thanh Nam, Mach Nguyet Minh,
  87. On an Inequality of Feng Qi Tamás F. Móri,
  88. Heisenberg-Pauli-Weyl Uncertainty Principle for the Riemann-Liouville Operator S. Omri, L.T. Rachdi,
  89. Ramanujan's Harmonic Number Expansion into Negative Powers of a Triangular Number Mark B. Villarino,
  90. A Note on Certain Inequalities for $p$-Valent Functions H.A. Al-Kharsani, S.S. Al-Hajiry,

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