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  31. A Note on Estimates of Diagonal Elements of the Inverse of Diagonally Dominant Tridiagonal Matrices Tiziano Politi, Marina Popolizio,
  32. Sufficient Conditions for Starlikeness and Convexity in $|z|< 1/2$ Mamoru Nunokawa, Shigeyoshi Owa, Yayoi Nakamura, Toshio Hayami,
  33. Asymptotic Behavior for Discretizations of a Semilinear Parabolic Equation with a Nonlinear Boundary Condition Nabongo Diabate, Théodore K. Boni,
  34. Generalization of an Impulsive Nonlinear Singular Gronwall-Bihari Inequality with Delay Shengfu Deng, Carl Prather,
  35. A Filippov Type Existence Theorem for a Class of Second-Order Differential Inclusions Aurelian Cernea,
  36. On Quadrature Rules, Inequalities and Error Bounds Szymon Wasowicz,
  37. Note On An Open Problem Gholamreza Zabandan,
  38. Note on an Integral Inequality Applicable in PDEs V. Culjak,
  39. Jordan-type Inequalities for Generalized Bessel Functions Árpád Baricz,
  40. $p$-valent Meromorphic Functions With Alternating Coefficients Based on Integral Operator Sh. Najafzadeh, A. Ebadian, S. Shams,
  41. On the Triangle Inequality in Quasi-Banach Spaces Cong Wu, Yongjin Li,
  42. Notes on an Inequality N. S. Hoang,
  43. On Some Feng Qi Type $q$-Integral Inequalities Kamel Brahim, Néji Bettaibi, Mouna Sellami,
  44. A Note on the Magnitude of Walsh Fourier Coefficients B. L. Ghodadra, J. R. Patadia,
  45. Certain Subclasses of $p-$Valent Meromorphic Functions Involving Certain Operator M. K. Aouf, A.O. Mostafa,
  46. Some Inequalities Regarding a Generalization of Euler's Constant Alina Sîntamarian,
  47. Heisenberg Uncertainty Principles for Some $q^2$-Analogue Fourier Transforms Wafa Binous,
  48. An Inequality About $_3phi_2$ and its Applications Mingjin Wang, Hongshun Ruan,
  49. A Reverse Hardy-Hilbert-Type Integral Inequality Gaowen Xi,
  50. A Certain Class of Analytic and Multivalent Functions Defined by Means of a Linear Operator Ding-Gong Yang, N-eng Xu, Shigeyoshi Owa,
  51. Inequalities on the Lambert $W$ Function and Hyperpower Function Abdolhossein Hoorfar, Mehdi Hassani,
  52. Coefficient Inequalities for Certain Classes of Ruscheweyh Type Analytic Functions S. Latha,
  53. Refinements of Inequalities Between the Sum of Squares and the Exponential of Sum of a Nonnegative Sequence Yu Miao, Li-Min Liu, Feng Qi,
  54. Invariance in the Class of Weighted Lehmer Means Iulia Costin, Gheorghe Toader,
  55. Some Results on the Unitary Analogue of the Lehmer Problem Marta Skonieczna,
  56. A Simple Proof of the Geometric-Arithmetic Mean Inequality Yasuharu Uchida,
  57. Some Retarded Nonlinear Integral Inequalities in Two Variables and Applications Kelong Zheng,
  58. A Weighted Geometric Inequality and Its Applications Jian Liu,
  59. A Relation to Hilbert's Integral Inequality and Some Base Hilbert-type Inequalities Bicheng Yang,
  60. A Stability Version of Hölder's Inequality for $0 < p < 1$ J. M. Aldaz,

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