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  1. Free and Classical Entropy Over the Circle Gordon Blower,
  2. A Sobolev-type Inequality with Applications Ramón G. Plaza,
  3. Local Estimates for Jacobi Polynomials Michael Felten,
  4. On an Opial Inequality with a Boundary Condition Man Kam Kwong,
  5. A Generalized Fannes' Inequality S. Furuichi, K. Yanagi, K. Kuriyama,
  6. General System of Strongly Pseudomonotone Nonlinear Variational Inequalities Based on Projection Systems Ram U. Verma,
  7. Inclusion and Neighborhood Properties for Certain Classes of Multivalently Analytic Functions Associated with the Convolution Structure J. K. Prajapat, R.K. Raina, Hari M. Srivastava,
  8. On Equivalence of Coefficient Conditions Laszlo Leindler,
  9. Fejér Inequalities for Wright-convex Functions Ming-In Ho,
  10. On the Inequality of the Difference of Two Integral Means and Applications for PDFs A. I. Kechriniotis, N. D. Assimakis,
  11. Redheffer Type Inequality for Bessel Functions Árpád Baricz,
  12. On Certain Subclass of Bazilevič Functions Dong Guo, Ming-Sheng Liu,
  13. Generalizations of Some New Čebyšev Type Inequalities Zheng Liu,
  14. "Non-strict" l'Hospital-Type Rules for Monotonicity: Intervals of Constancy Iosif Pinelis,
  15. The Equal Variable Method Vasile Cirtoaje,
  16. On a Generalization of Alpha Convexity Khalida Inayat Noor,
  17. Geometric Convexity of a Function Involving Gamma Function and Applications to Inequality Theory Xiao-Ming Zhang, Tie-Quan Xu, Ling-Bo Situ,
  18. Some Results Related to a Conjecture of R. Brück Ji-Long Zhang, Lian-Zhong Yang,
  19. Meromorphic Functions Sharing Three Values With Weights Junfan Chen, Shouhua Shen, Weichuan Lin,
  20. Subordination and Superordination Results for $\Phi$-like Functions T.N. Shanmugam, S. Sivasubramanian, Maslina Darus,
  21. Bounds on Expectations of Record Range and Record Increment from Distributions with Bounded Support Mohammad Z. Raqab,
  22. On the Behavior of $r-$derivative Near the Origin of Sine Series with Convex Coefficients Xh. Z. Krasniqi, N. L. Braha,
  23. Boundedness of the Wavelet Transform in Certain Function Spaces R.S. Pathak, S.K. Singh,
  24. Inequalities for the Smallest Zeros of Laguerre Polynomials and their $q$-analogues Dharma P. Gupta, Martin E. Muldoon,
  25. Approximation of the Dilogarithm Function Mehdi Hassani,
  26. On the Iterated Green Functions on a Bounded Domain and Their Related Kato Class of Potentials Habib Mâagli, Noureddine Zeddini,
  27. Inequalities in the Complex Plane Róbert Szász,
  28. Inequalities for the Gamma Function Xin Li, Chao-Ping Chen,
  29. A Method For Establishing Certain Trigonometric Inequalities Mowaffaq Hajja,
  30. On New Inequalities of Hadamard-type for Lipschitzian Mappings and Their Applications Liang-Cheng Wang,

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