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  157. A Note on Weighted Identric and Logarithmic Means Kendall C. Richards, Hilari C. Tiedeman,
  158. Maximization for Inner Products Under Quasi-Monotone Constraints Kenneth S. Berenhaut, John D. Foley, Dipankar Bandyopadhyay,
  159. An Inequality Between Compositions of Weighted Arithmetic and Geometric Means Finbarr Holland,
  160. Coefficient Inequalities for Classes of Uniformly Starlike and Convex Functions Shigeyoshi Owa, Yaşar Polatoğlu, Emel Yavuz,
  161. Some Estimates on the Weakly Convergent Sequence Coefficient in Banach Spaces Fenghui Wang, Huanhuan Cui,
  162. A New Arrangement Inequality Mohammad Javaheri,
  163. Direct Approximation Theorems for Discrete Type Operators Zoltán Finta,
  164. On Young's Inequality Alfred Witkowski,
  165. Inequalities for Inscribed Simplex and Applications Shiguo Yang, Silong Cheng,
  166. Estimating the Sequence of Real Binomial Coefficients Vito Lampret,
  167. Newer Applications of Generalized Monotone Sequences Laszlo Leindler,
  168. Isometries on Linear $n$-Normed Spaces Chun-Gil Park, Themistocles M. Rassias,
  169. Weighted Multiplicative Integral Inequalities Sorina Barza, Emil C. Popa,
  170. On an Open Problem of Integral Inequalities Ping Yan, Mats Gyllenberg,
  171. Inequalities in $q-$Fourier Analysis Lazhar Dhaouadi, Ahmed Fitouhi, J. El Kamel,
  172. A Unified Treatment of Some Sharp Inequalities Zheng Liu,
  173. Application of a Trapezoid Inequality to Neutral Fredholm Integro-Differential Equations in Banach Spaces Alexandru Bica, Vasile Aurel Căuş, Sorin Mureşan,
  174. A New Obstruction to Minimal Isometric Immersions into a Real Space Form Teodor Oprea,
  175. Grünbaum-type Inequalities for Special Functions Árpád Baricz,
  176. A Note on the Hölder Inequality Josip E. Pecaric, V. Šimić,
  177. Some Convexity Properties for a General Integral Operator Daniel Breaz, Nicoleta Breaz,
  178. Some Hardy Type Integral Inequalities Mehmet Zeki Sarikaya, Hussein Yildirim,
  179. Some Inequalities Involving the Gamma Function Lazhar Bougoffa,
  180. On a New Strengthened Version of a Hardy-Hilbert Type Inequality and Applications Weihong Wang, Dongmei Xin,
  181. A Stability of the Generalized Sine Functional Equations, II Gwang Hui Kim,
  182. A Generalization for Ostrowski's Inequality in $\mathbb{R}^2$ Baoguo Jia,
  183. Hardy's Integral Inequality For Commutators Of Hardy Operators Qing-Yu Zheng, Zun-Wei Fu,
  184. Convex Functions and Inequalities for Integrals Zhenglu Jiang, Xiaoyong Fu, Hongjiong Tian,
  185. Difference of General Integral Means George Anastassiou,
  186. Some p.d.f.-free Upper Bounds for the Dispersion $\sigma(X)$ and the Quantity $\sigma^{2}(X)+(x-EX) ^{2}$ N. K. Agbeko,
  187. A Note on the Martingale Inequality Yu Miao,
  188. A Note on a Weighted Ostrowski Type Inequality For Cumulative Distribution Functions A. Rafiq, Neil S. Barnett,
  189. Estimation for Bounded Solutions of Integral Inequalities Involving Infinite Integration Limits Man-chun Tan, En-hao Yang,
  190. Inequalities Involving Multipliers For Multivalent Harmonic Functions H. O. Guney, Om P. Ahuja,
  191. Inclusion and Neighborhood Properties of Certain Subclasses of Analytic and Multivalent Functions of Complex Order Hari M. Srivastava, K. Suchithra, B. Adolf Stephen, S. Sivasubramanian,
  192. A Sharp Inequality of Ostrowski-Grüss Type Zheng Liu,
  193. A Generalization of Hölder and Minkowski Inequalities Yılmaz Yilmaz, M. Kemal Özdemır, İhsan Solak,
  194. Companion Inequalities to Jensen's Inequality for $m$-convex and $(\alpha,m)$-convex Functions M. Klaricic Bakula, Josip E. Pecaric, M. Ribičić,
  195. On the Bounds for the Spectral and $\ell _p$ Norms of the Khatri-Rao Product of Cauchy-Hankel Matrices Hacı Civciv, Ramazan Türkmen,

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