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  79. A Variance Analog of Majorization and Some Associated Inequalities Michael G. Neubauer, William Watkins,
  80. On The Sharpened Heisenberg-Weyl Inequality John Michael Rassias,
  81. A New Type of Stable Generalized Convex Functions Phan Thanh An,
  82. Spectral Dominance and Young's Inequality in Type III Factors S. Mahmoud Manjegani,
  83. Generalized $(A,\eta)-$ Resolvent Operator Technique and Sensitivity Analysis for Relaxed Cocoercive Variational Inclusions Ram U. Verma,
  84. On Error Bounds for Gauss-Legendre and Lobatto Quadrature Rules Szymon Wasowicz,
  85. On Some Approximate Functional Relations Stemming from Orthogonality Preserving Property Jacek Chmielinski,
  86. Cesáro Means of $N$-multiple Trigonometric Fourier Series Ushangi Goginava,
  87. An Inequality for the Class Number Olivier Bordellčs,
  88. Regularity for Vector Valued Minimizers of Some Anisotropic Integral Functionals Francesco Leonetti, Pier Vincenzo Petricca,
  89. Convolution Operators with Homogeneous Singular Measures on $R^{3}$ of Polynomial Type. The Remainder Case. M. Urciuolo,
  90. Generalizations of the Trapezoid Inequalities Based on a New Mean Value Theorem for the Remainder in Taylor's Formula A. I. Kechriniotis, N. D. Assimakis,
  91. New Perturbed Iterations for a Generalized Class of Strongly Nonlinear Operator Inclusion Problems in Banach Spaces Heng-you Lan, Huang-Lin Zeng, Zuo-An Li,
  92. Approximation of $B$-Continuous and $B$-Differentiable Functions by GBS Operators of Bernstein Bivariate Polynomials Ovidiu T. Pop, Mircea Farcas,
  93. Meromorphic Functions that Share One Value with their Derivatives Kai Liu, Lian-Zhong Yang,
  94. Coefficients of Inverse Functions in a Nested Class of Starlike Functions of Positive Order A.K. Mishra, P. Gochhayat,
  95. The Pressure Of Functions Over $(G,\tau)$--Extensions Mohd. Salmi Md. Noorani,
  96. On Hadamard Type Inequalities For Generalized Weighted Quasi-Arithmetic Means Ondrej Hutník,
  97. Norm Inequalities for Sequences of Operators Related to the Schwarz Inequality Sever S. Dragomir,
  98. On a Conjecture of de La Grandville and Solow Concerning Power Means Grant Keady, Anthony Pakes,
  99. A Note on Multiplicatively $e$-perfect Numbers Le Anh Vinh, Dang Phuong Dung,
  100. A Note on an Individual Bioequivalence Setting Christina Surulescu, Nicolae Surulescu,
  101. The Dual Spaces of the Sets of Difference Sequences of Order $m$ C.A. Bektas, Mikhail Et,
  102. Sharpening of Jordan's Inequality and its Applications Wei Dong Jiang, Hua Yun,
  103. On Neighborhoods of a Certain Class of Complex Order Defined by Ruscheweyh Derivative Operator Öznur Özkan, Osman Altintas,
  104. New Ostrowski Type Inequalities Involving the Product of Two Functions Baburao G. Pachpatte,
  105. Upper and Lower Solutions Method for Discrete Inclusions with Nonlinear Boundary Conditions M. Benchohra, Sotiris K. Ntouyas, A. Ouahab,
  106. On Hardy's Inequality in $L^{p(x)}(0,\infty)$ Rabil A. Mashiyev, Bilal Çekiç, Sezai Ogras,
  107. Extensions of Several Integral Inequalities Feng Qi, Ai-Jun Li, Wei-Zhen Zhao, Da-Wei Niu, Jian Cao,
  108. A Class of Inequalities Related to the Angle Bisectors and the Sides of a Triangle Shan-He Wu, Zhi-Hua Zhang,
  109. On Neighborhoods of Analytic Functions having Positive Real Part Shigeyoshi Owa, Nigar Yildirim, Muhammet Kamali,
  110. A $q$-Analogue of an Inequality due to Konrad Knopp L. D. Abreu,
  111. On Some New Retard Integral Inequalities in $n$ Independent Variables and Their Applications Xueqin Zhao, Fanwei Meng,
  112. An Ostrowski Type Inequality for $p-$norms A. Rafiq, Nazir Ahmad Mir,
  113. Best Generalization of a Hilbert Type Inequality Baoju Sun,
  114. Generalized Nonlinear Mixed Quasi-Variational Inequalities Involving Maximal $\eta$-Monotone Mappings Mao-Ming Jin,
  115. On a Reverse of a Hardy-Hilbert Type Inequality Bicheng Yang,
  116. Some Inequalities for Spectral Variations Shilin Zhan,
  117. Fekete-Szegö Functional for some Subclass of Non-Bazilevic Functions T.N. Shanmugam, M.P. Jeyaraman, S. Sivasubramanian,

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