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  92. On Hardy-Hilbert Integral Inequalities with Some Parameters Yong Hong,
  93. An Improvement of the Grüss Inequality A.McD. Mercer,
  94. On the Absolute Convergence of Small Gaps Fourier Series of Functions of $\varphi \bigwedge BV $ R.G. Vyas,
  95. Gâteaux Derivative and Orthogonality in $C_{1}$-Classes Mecheri Salah,
  96. A Note on the Absolute Riesz Summability Factors Laszlo Leindler,
  97. On A Certain Class Of $p-$Valent Functions With Negative Coefficients H. O. Guney, S. Sümer Eker,
  98. Inequalities for Walsh Polynomials with Semi-Monotone and Semi-Convex Coefficients Zivorad Tomovski,
  99. L'Hospital-Type Rules for Monotonicity, and the Lambert and Saccheri Quadrilaterals in Hyperbolic Geometry Iosif Pinelis,
  100. Monotonicity and Convexity for the Gamma Function Chao-Ping Chen,
  101. On the Homogeneous Functions with Two Parameters and Its Monotonicity Zhen-Hang Yang,
  102. On Strongly Generalized Preinvex Functions Muhammad Aslam Noor, Khalida Inayat Noor,
  103. Some New Inequalities for Gamma and Polygamma Functions Necdet Batir,
  104. On Certain Classes of Multivalent Analytic Functions B.A. Frasin,
  105. On the Determinantal Inequalities Shilin Zhan,
  106. Rate of Convergence of Chlodowsky Type Durrmeyer Operators Ertan Ibikli, Harun Karsli,
  107. An Extension of Results of A. McD. Mercer and I. Gavrea Marek Niezgoda,
  108. Correction to the paper "Bounded Linear Operator in Probabilistic Normed Spaces" R. Saadati, H. Adibi,
  109. Another Refinement of Bernstein's Inequality Clément Frappier,
  110. Young's Inequality In Compact Operators - The Case Of Equality Renying Zeng,
  111. The Best Constant for a Geometric Inequality Yu-dong Wu,
  112. A Relation to Hardy-Hilbert's Integral Inequality and Mulholland's Inequality Bicheng Yang,
  113. Estimation of the Derivative of the Convex Function by Means of its Uniform Approximation Kakha Shashiashvili, Malkhaz Shashiashvili,
  114. A Note on Ostrowski Like Inequalities Baburao G. Pachpatte,
  115. A Note on Absolute Nörlund Summability Hüseyin Bor,
  116. Meromorphic Function That Shares One Small Function With Its Derivative Qingcai Zhang,
  117. Some Results On A Generalized Useful Information Measure Abul Basar Khan, Bilal Ahmad Bhat, S. Pirzada,
  118. On the $q$-Analogue of Gamma Functions and Related Inequalities Taekyun Kim, C. Adiga,
  119. Estimates for the Green function and Characterization of a Certain Kato Class by the Gauss Semigroup in the Half Space Imed Bachar,
  120. Multivariate Version of a Jensen-Type Inequality Robert A. Agnew,
  121. Normic Inequality of Two-Dimensional Viscosity Operator Yuehui Chen,
  122. Planar Harmonic Univalent and Related Mappings Om P. Ahuja,
  123. On Global Approximation Properties of Abstract Integral Operators in Orlicz Spaces and Applications Carlo Bardaro, Ilaria Mantellini,
  124. Lower Bounds for the Spectral Norm Jorma K. Merikoski, Ravinder Kumar,
  125. Convex Functions in a Half-plane, II Nicolae R. Pascu,
  126. Inequalities Involving Generalized Bessel Functions Árpád Baricz, Edward Neuman,
  127. A Note on Sándor Type Functions N. Anitha,
  128. On Ostrowski-Grüss-Cebysev Type Inequalities for Functions Whose Modulus of Derivatives are Convex Baburao G. Pachpatte,

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