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  28. On the Inequality of P. Turan for Legendre Polynomials Eugen Constantinescu,
  29. Equations and Inequalities Involving $v_p(n!)$ Mehdi Hassani,
  30. Stolarsky Means of Several Variables Edward Neuman,
  31. A Note On Sums Of Powers Which Have A Fixed Number Of Prime Factors Rafael Jakimczuk,
  32. On Hyers-Ulam Stability of a Special Case of O'Connor's and Gajda's Functional Equations Belaid Bouikhalene, Elhoucien Elqorachi, Ahmed Redouani,
  33. Poincare Inequalities for the Heisenberg Group Target Gao Jia,
  34. On a Convolution Conjecture of Bounded Functions Krzysztof Piejko, Janusz Sokol, Jan Stankiewicz,
  35. Improved Integral Inequalities For Products Of Convex Functions Gabriela Cristescu,
  36. On a F. Qi Integral Inequality Alfred Witkowski,
  37. New Inequalities of Hadamard's Type for Lipschitzian Mappings Liang-Cheng Wang,
  38. A Refinement of Jensen's Inequality Jamal Rooin,
  39. On a New Multiple Extension of Hilbert's Integral Inequality Bicheng Yang,
  40. Localization of Factored Fourier Series Hüseyin Bor,
  41. Some Applications of the Briot-Bouquet Differential Subordination Hari M. Srivastava, A.Y. Lashin,
  42. A Numerical Method in Terms of the Third Derivative for a Delay Integral Equation from Biomathematics Alexandru Bica, Craciun Iancu,
  43. Note on Certain Inequalities for Means in Two Variables Tiberiu Trif,
  44. A Sawyer Duality Principle for Radially Monotone Functions in $R^n$. Sorina Barza, Maria Johansson, Lars-Erik Persson,
  45. On the Refined Heisenberg-Weyl Type Inequality John Michael Rassias,
  46. Reverses of the Continuous Triangle Inequality for Bochner Integral of Vector-Valued Functions in Hilbert Spaces Sever S. Dragomir,
  47. Some Inequalities Connected with an Approximate Integration Szymon Wasowicz,
  48. A Geometrical Proof of a New Inequality for the Gamma Function C. Alsina, M.S. Tomás,
  49. Characterization of the Trace by Young's Inequality A.M. Bikchentaev, O.E. Tikhonov,
  50. Integral Means for Starlike and Convex Functions with Negative Coefficients Shigeyoshi Owa, Mihai Pascu, Daisuke Yagi, Junichi Nishiwaki,
  51. Generalized Integral Operator and Multivalent Functions Khalida Inayat Noor,
  52. The Dziok-Srivastava Operator and $k-$Uniformly Starlike Functions R. Aghalary, Gh. Azadi,
  53. Rate of Growth of Polynomials Not Vanishing Inside a Circle Robert B. Gardner, Narendra K. Govil, Srinath R. Musukula,
  54. Strongly Nonlinear Elliptic Unilateral Problems in Orlicz Space and $L^1$ Data L. Aharouch, M. Rhoudaf,
  55. Some Boas-Bellman Type Inequalities in 2-Inner Product Spaces Sever S. Dragomir, Yeol Je Cho, Seong Sik Kim, Anthony Sofo,
  56. Sharp Constants for Some Inequalities Connected to the $p$-Laplace Operator Johan Byström,
  57. A Generalization of Andersson's Inequality A.McD. Mercer,
  58. Meromorphic Functions with Positive Coefficients Defined Using Convolution S. Sivaprasad Kumar, V. Ravichandran, H.C. Taneja,

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