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  82. Some Subordination Results Associated with Certain Subclasses of Analytic Functions Hari M. Srivastava, A.A. Attiya,
  83. Certain Sufficiency Conditions on Gaussian Hypergeometric Functions Anbhu Swaminathan,
  84. Some Inequalities For Kurepa's Function Branko J. Malesevic,
  85. A New Subclass of Uniformly Convex Functions and a Corresponding Subclass of Starlike Functions with Fixed Second Coefficient G. Murugusundaramoorthy, N. Magesh,
  86. Some Inequalities Between Moments of Probability Distributions R. Sharma, R.G. Shandil, S. Devi, M. Dutta,
  87. Some Results on the Complex Oscillation Theory of Differential Equations with Polynomial Coefficients Benharrat Belaidi, Karima Hamani,
  88. Nonlinear Delay Integral Inequalities For Piecewise Continuous Functions And Applications Snezhana Hristova,
  89. New Inequalities on Polynomial Divisors Laurentiu Panaitopol, Doru Stefanescu,
  90. Rearrangements of the Coefficients of Ordinary Differential Equations Samir Karaa,
  91. Inequalities for Averages of Convex and Superquadratic Functions Shoshana Abramovich, Graham Jameson, Gord Sinnamon,
  92. On Relations of Coefficient Conditions Laszlo Leindler,
  93. Some Considerations on the Monotonicity Property of Power Means Ioan Gavrea,
  94. Inequalities Involving Bessel Functions of the First Kind Edward Neuman,
  95. A Generalization Of Ozaki-Nunokawa's Univalence Criterion Dorina Raducanu, Irinel Radomir, Maria E. Gageonea, Nicolae R. Pascu,
  96. On the Extended Hilbert's Integral Inequality Bicheng Yang,
  97. An Interesting Double Inequality for Euler's Gamma Function Necdet Batir,
  98. On Some Classes Of Analytic Functions Khalida Inayat Noor, M.A. Salim,
  99. Inequalities Associating Hypergeometric Functions With Planer Harmonic Mappings Om P. Ahuja, Herb Silverman,
  100. On Hyers-Ulam Stability of Generalized Wilson's Equation Belaid Bouikhalene,
  101. Characterizations of Convex Vector Functions and Optimization Claudio Cusano, Matteo Fini, Davide La Torre,
  102. Estimators, Escort Probabilities, and $\phi$-Exponential Families in Statistical Physics Jan Naudts,
  103. Lupas-Durrmeyer Operators Naokant Deo,
  104. Bounds on the Expectations of $k^{th}$ Record Increments Mohammad Z. Raqab,
  105. On Embedding of the Class $H^{\omega }$ Laszlo Leindler,
  106. The Generalized Sine Law and Some Inequalities for Simplices Shiguo Yang,
  107. Inequalities for a Sum of Exponential Functions Faiz Ahmad,
  108. A Generalization of an Inequality Involving the Generalized Elementary Symmetric Mean Zhi-Hua Zhang, Zhen-Gang Xiao,
  109. Markoff-type Inequalities in Weighted $L^{2}$-norms Ioan Popa,
  110. On Generalized Preinvex Functions and Monotonicities Muhammad Aslam Noor,
  111. Applications of Nunokawa's Theorem A.Y. Lashin,
  112. Differential Estimate for $n$-ary Forms on Closed Orthants Vlad Timofte,
  113. Simultaneous Approximation by Lupas Modified Operators with Weighted Function of Szasz Operators Naokant Deo,
  114. On Multiplicatively $e$-Perfect Numbers Jozsef Sandor,

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