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  51. Note on Feng Qi's Integral Inequality Josip E. Pecaric, T. Pejkovic,
  52. The Ulam Stability Problem In Approximation Of Approximately Quadratic Mappings By Quadratic Mappings John Michael Rassias,
  53. Kantorovich-Stancu Type Operators Dan Barbosu,
  54. A Metric Inequality for the Thompson and Hilbert Geometries Roger D. Nussbaum, Cormac Walsh,
  55. A Two-Sided Estimate Of $\mathrm{e}^x-( 1+\frac{x}{n})^n$ Constantin P. Niculescu, Andrei Vernescu,
  56. The Inertia of Hermitian Tridiagonal Block Matrices C. M. da Fonseca,
  57. A Sufficient Condition for Starlikeness of Analytic Functions of Koebe Type Muhammet Kamali, Hari M. Srivastava,
  58. A Discrete Euler Identity A. Aglic Aljinovic, Josip E. Pecaric,
  59. Certain Second Order Linear Differential Subordinations V. Ravichandran,
  60. Refinements of the Schwarz and Heisenberg Inequalities in Hilbert Spaces Sever S. Dragomir,
  61. On the $\ell_p$ Norm of GCD and Related Matrices Pentti Haukkanen,
  62. Asymptotic Formulae Rafael Jakimczuk,
  63. A Hybrid Inertial Projection-Proximal Method for Variational Inequalities Abdellatif Moudafi,
  64. Inequalities of Bonferroni-Galambos Type with Applications to the Tutte Polynomial and the Chromatic Polynomial Klaus Dohmen, Peter Tittmann,
  65. Extending Means of Two Variables to Several Variables Jorma K. Merikoski,
  66. Improvements of Euler-Trapezoidal Type Inequalities with Higher-Order Convexity and Applications Dah-Yan Hwang,
  67. An Inequality Associated with Some Entire Functions Shavkat A. Alimov, Onur Alp Ilhan,
  68. Application Leindler Spaces to the Real Interpolation Method Vadim Kuklin,
  69. Some Inequalities for a Class of Generalized Means Kai-Zhong Guan,
  70. Estimates for the $\partial-$Neumann Operator On Strongly Pseudo-Convex Domain With Lipschitz Boundary S. Saber, O. Abdelkader,
  71. A Characterization of $\lambda$-convex Functions Miroslaw Adamek,
  72. On Landau Type Inequalities for Functions with Hölder Continuous Derivatives Lj. Marangunic, Josip E. Pecaric,
  73. A New Proof of the Monotonicity Property of Power Means Alfred Witkowski,
  74. Note on Some Hadamard-Type Inequalities M. Klaricic Bakula, Josip E. Pecaric,
  75. Rational Identities and Inequalities Toufik Mansour,
  76. Reverses of Schwarz's Triangle and Bessel Inequalities in Inner Product Spaces Sever S. Dragomir,
  77. Generalizations of a Class of Inequalities for Products Shan-He Wu, Huan-Nan Shi,
  78. Some Applications of a First order Differential Subordination Sukhjit Singh, Sushma Gupta,
  79. Rate Of Convergence For A General Sequence Of Durrmeyer Type Operators Niraj Kumar,
  80. On Some New Nonlinear Retarded Integral Inequalities Baburao G. Pachpatte,
  81. Corrigendum to "On Short Sums of Certain Multiplicative Functions" Olivier Bordellès,

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