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  1. Certain Inequalities Concerning Some Kinds Of Chordal Polygons Mirko Radic,
  2. Some New Discrete Inequalities and Their Applications Sh. Salem, K. R. Raslan,
  3. A Refinement of an Inequality from Information Theory Garry T. Halliwell, Peter R. Mercer,
  4. On the Heisenberg-Pauli-Weyl Inequality John Michael Rassias,
  5. An Instability Theorem for a Certain Vector Differential Equation of the Fourth Order Cemil Tunc,
  6. A New Proof of the Monotonicity of Power Means Alfred Witkowski,
  7. Note On Bernstein's Inequality For The Third Derivative Of A Polynomial Clément Frappier,
  8. On a Subordination Theorem for a Class of Meromorphic Functions V. Ravichandran, S. Sivaprasad Kumar, Maslina Darus,
  9. On Two Problems Posed by Kenneth Stolarsky Edward Neuman,
  10. On Estimates of Normal Structure Coefficients of Banach Spaces Y. Q. Yan,
  11. Convolution Conditions for Spirallikeness and Convex Spirallikeness of Certain Meromorphic $p$-valent Functions V. Ravichandran, S. Sivaprasad Kumar, K.G. Subramanian,
  12. Factorization of Inequalities Laszlo Leindler,
  13. The Method of Lower and Upper Solutions for Some Fourth-Order Equations Zhanbing Bai, Weigao Ge, Yifu Wang,
  14. The Boundary of Weighted Analytic Centers for Linear Matrix Inequalities Shafiu Jibrin, James W. Swift,
  15. A Generalization Of An Inequality Of Jia And Cau Edward Neuman,
  16. Lower Bounds On Products Of Correlation Coefficients Frank Hansen,
  17. Some Geometric Inequalities For The Holmes-Thompson Definitions Of Volume And Surface Area In Minkowski Spaces Zokhrab Mustafaev,
  18. Asymptotic Behavior Of The Approximation Numbers Of The Hardy-Type Operator From $L^p$ Into $L^q$ J. Lang, O. Mendez, A. Nekvinda,
  19. On A Certain Retarded Integral Inequality And Its Applications Baburao G. Pachpatte,
  20. Uniqueness Of A Meromorphic Function And Its Derivative Indrajit Lahiri, Arindam Sarkar,
  21. Generalized Relative Information and Information Inequalities Inder Jeet Taneja,

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