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  83. Rational Identities and Inequalities involving Fibonacci and Lucas Numbers José Luis Díaz-Barrero,
  84. On a $q$-Analogue of Sándor's Function C. Adiga, Taekyun Kim, D. D. Somashekara, Syeda Noor Fathima,
  85. Beurling Vectors of Quasielliptic Systems of Differential Operators Rachid Chaili,
  86. Some Estimations for the Integral Taylor's Remainder Lazhar Bougoffa,
  87. Some Companions of the Grüss Inequality in Inner Product Spaces Sever S. Dragomir,
  88. Interpolation Functions of Several Matrix Variables Y. Ameur,
  89. Existence and Global Attractivity of Periodic Solutions in $n$-Species Food-Chain System with Time Delays Qiming Liu, Haiyun Zhou,
  90. An Elementary Proof of the Preservation of Lipschitz Constants by the Meyer-König and Zeller Operators Tiberiu Trif,
  91. On Grüss Type Inequalities of Dragomir and Fedotov Josip E. Pecaric, B. Tepes,
  92. Iterative Solution of Nonlinear Equations of Hammerstein Type H. Zegeye,
  93. An Entropy Power Inequality for the Binomial Family Peter Harremoes, Christophe Vignat,
  94. On Hardy-Hilbert's Integral Inequality with Parameters Leping He, Mingzhe Gao, Weijian Jia,
  95. Generalized Inequalities for Indefinite Forms Fathi B. Saidi,
  96. Some Remarks on Lower Bounds of Chebyshev's Type for Half-lines F.D. Lesley, V.I. Rotar,
  97. A Study on Almost Increasing Sequences Hüseyin Bor,
  98. Asymptotic Behaviour of Some Equations in Orlicz Spaces D. Meskine, A. Elmahi,
  99. Strongly nonlinear elliptic equations, Generalization of a Result for Cosine Series on the $L^1$ Norm Jozsef Nemeth,
  100. On Integral Forms of Generalised Mathieu Series Pietro Cerone, Christopher T. Lenard,
  101. Ostrowski-Grüss type Inequalities in Two Dimensions Nenad Ujevic,
  102. Convex Functions in a Half-plane Nicolae N. Pascu, Nicolae R. Pascu,
  103. Some Hardy Type Inequalities in the Heisenberg Group Yazhou Han, Pengcheng Niu,
  104. On the Stability of A Class of Functional Equations Belaid Bouikhalene,
  105. Kantorovich Type Inequalities for $1> p> 0$ Mariko Giga,
  106. Linear Elliptic Equations and Gauss Measure G. di Blasio,
  107. A Note on Integral Inequalities and Embeddings of Besov Spaces Moritz Kassmann,
  108. New Weighted Multivariate Grüss Type Inequalities Baburao G. Pachpatte,
  109. Corrigendum on the paper: 'Lower Bounds for the Infimum of the Spectrum of the Schrõdinger Operator in \mathbb{R}^N and the Sobolev Inequalities' published in JIPAM, vol. 3, no. 4. (2002), Article 63 Ed J.M. Veling,

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